Thursday, July 1, 2010

Learning to Garden, Part Three

     Purple basil

My garden is filling out so I could not be more excited with its progress this summer. The only push I have given it is a little sprinkling of epsom salt around the beds - thanks for the tip Mom! It's like fairy dust for vegetables because they are now taking flight. I finally have vegetables on the vines. Epsom salt contains magnesium which aids in photosynthesis, seed germination and nutrient uptake. It seems that rainwater, the marigolds (a natural pesticide) and my soil composed of a healthy mix of composting manure are taking care of the rest.

Apparently my purple basil and cilantro were only feigning death. Within a few weeks of transplanting both came back to full bloom. The cilantro only came back to tease me as it has bolted now.

     Bolted cilantro from a transplant

Cilantro bolts to seed when the roots continuously reach temperatures of 75 degrees. Summer isn't the best time for growing this herb. It grows best in spring and fall, but in Canada, we still have snow on the ground in spring.

     Cilantro from seed

Thankfully I have the cilantro seeds that I planted coming up rather nicely. It's time to start harvesting before this one decides to bolt as well.

      Roma tomatoes

     Squash blossoms

These are the times that get really hard for a Southerner. I look at those green tomatoes and squash blossoms and have to fight back the urge to get my FryDaddy out.

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