Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Hour at the Montreal Biodome

My husband has wanted us to visit the Biodome in Montreal for at least the past three years. We finally took the tour last weekend. The Biodome contains ecosystems for a tropical rainforest, the Laurentian maple forest, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Labrador Coast and the Sub-Antarctic Islands.

Not surprisingly, the Biodome was crowded when we went on Saturday afternoon. The tropical rainforest was the first ecosystem on the tour. Dressing in layers is advisable because it can get a bit sweaty when the rainforest humidity combines with the heat of the crowd while waiting your turn to take a picture of a pissed off animal. The Biodome website lists scores of animals, fish and insects featured in each ecosystem, but on our visit many were hiding.

We breezed through the joint in less than an hour due to our shared dedication to crowd avoidance. The possibility of a return exists if we have kids or curious out of town guests to bring along. For now, I have these photographs to remind us of the adventure. If you go, don’t miss the old $2 photobooth near the bathrooms. That was a highlight for us, along with the chance to capture the backsides of the following animals in their "natural" habitats. 

The black and gray oval-back bird. 

Three sleeping croco-gator backs.

Two blue parrotish birds in full backside view.

The fluffy back of a tree badgobeaver.

An irate lynx kittypoo.

The tailend of the St. Lawrence (possibly) scar fish.

The tailfeathers of the pretty little white and black speckle-back bird.

Back of the bird that is fascinated by deadgrass. 
The backside of a burnt orange acrylic-hair monkey.

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