Friday, July 29, 2011

Market Day: Marché Jean-Talon

Sunflowers on display at the Jean-Talon Market.
Marché Jean-Talon in Montreal is an absolute feast for the eyes. Last year when I went with my parents my dad noted that it was a Petri dish for the entire human race. Dad has a way with words. This farmers market is definitely a place where cultures converge and everyone is welcomed. So if you are into people watching, like my dad, there is one of each and Jean-Talon is the perfect spot for it. I like it most for the ingredients.

Marche Jean-Talon has a lot to offer, including a huge assortment of fruits and vegetables, cheeses, spices, game meats, fish and seafood, coffee and crepes, smoothies, homemade soaps, a bookstore, a cookware store, a gelato spot, flower baskets, potted plants and herbs, and a handful of bakeries and cafes. There are street musicians providing the background music around the market.

A few stores offer up specialities items that are a rare find in the rest of Montreal. Olives and Epices carries ancho chili powder and hot, smoked Spanish paprika. Le Petit Olivier which is in a small, nondescript stall offers balsamic marinated cipollini onions. Chez Louis is great for blood oranges, edible flowers, micro lettuces, fresh cipollini onions (for when I want to do the braising myself), and any unique vegetable you might have missed finding at the stalls.

I never miss a stop by Havre aux Glace which makes the most delicious gelato in eye catching flavors - pear and cider, masala chai, and hazelnut are favorites. Many of our trips to the Jean-Talon begin with asking my husband if we wants to go for gelato and to look at the colors even though I don't really need anything. Of course, I always find something I need or a deal that can't be passed on when we get there. He knows this, but he always says yes anyway.


Marché Jean-Talon
7070 Avenue Henri Julien
Montreal, QC H2R 1T1
(514) 277-1588
Open Mon-Wed, Sat 7am-6pm; Thu-Fri 7am-8pm; Sun 7am-5pm

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